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Price Check Loyalty Discount Tool

The vast majority of the discussions we’ve had with our clients is for them to acquire more direct bookings.

Customers do visit individual property websites but also end up leaving if they don’t find ALL the information they are looking for.

  • It’s important to communicate to your guests that they will get the best price and especially service when they book direct.
  • Your own website is your best opportunity to offer the best user experience. Great design, optimised photos, engaging video, sell your uniqueness and customised special offers… but also be sure to be clear on the incentives of booking direct.
  • A high percentage of people prefer to book direct so why don’t they? From our experience you have to give people everything they want in one place and on a website that is easy to use, visually appealing and works fast.

be really clear to the customer about the proposition about booking direct… if you’re making a price promise you’ve got to deliver on it… the OTAs have made a lot of business from saying they are the cheapest and the best value and in many cases that may not be the case… as brands there’s no question that booking direct and having loyal customers is how we drive a lot of our incremental value.

Richard Solomons - Chief Executive Officer, IHG.

The key reasons people leave a website is to;

  • #1 Reason - They think they can get a cheaper price elsewhere.
  • Read guest reviews (heaven forbid you have a link to TripAdvisor, make sure you have reviews on your website and don’t link out).
  • They want special offers (value add and experience based special offers are key).
  • No current news and events (Who loves to read old news? Keep your website content fresh and engaging).
  • No incentive to book direct - educate them on the benefits of booking direct (personally match their needs, offer them the best rates, inclusions and upgrades).
  • Slow performing website on desktop, mobile and tablet (technology keeps changing and consumers are impatient, give it to them fast or they leave).
  • Your website may say best rate guaranteed but is it? 4 out of 5 people will leave your website to check on an OTA site price and then not come back.

We’ve listened to our customers and we’ve delivered

With the release of our "Pebble Price Check Loyalty Discount Tool" we now offer the complete package to grow your subscriber direct customer database.

  • More direct bookings
  • Build trust and piece of mind
  • Display exclusive book direct advantages
  • Show pricing without the need to click through to a booking engine
  • Offer a loyalty discount
  • Grow your loyalty database
  • Reminder, second chance message popup (when leaving browser)
  • More engagement and touchpoints during buying journey
  • What is the cost to not do this?

How does Price Check work?

Quite simply this sales tool displays a standard rate without the need to fill out dates and click through to the booking engine. It also displays a loyalty incentive rate that users can book with after they subscribe.

The key is to show reasons why customers will get the best service, incentives and holiday experience when they book direct.

In order for users to get this loyalty rate, all they need to do is simply type in their email address and click ‘Join.’ On clicking ‘Join’ your Loyalty Book Direct promo code will be revealed for them to make a booking. Users will also receive an email with the Loyalty Book Direct promo code for future use to make a booking. All your subscribers will be emailed through to you monthly so you can keep them up to date with future promotions through your email marketing platform.



Once the user submits their email address they will also receive an autoresponder email with the Loyalty Book Direct promo code.

This will prompt them in case they closed or left your website before making a booking. All your subscribers will be emailed through to you monthly so you can keep them up to date with future promotions through your email marketing platform.

If a guest hasn’t unlocked their promo code and goes to leave your website, guests are given a powerful reminder for them to unlock today’s promo code.

This again reinforces and educates that booking direct is best.


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