The Secret Ingredient

All of our work is handcrafted, but the secret ingredient that we put into all of our work is – Love

It is the passion for the many things we do in our business, that contributes to the energy that goes into the work we do and the results achieved. I founded this business 18 years ago out of doing things that I loved. I've worked in hotels, I've worked in restaurants, I've worked as a sound engineer, I studied as a computer engineer, I studied as a graphic designer, I've travelled the world over and I've worked in the marketing industry for the last 26 years.

working with passionate people who are incredibly good at what they do is a dream come true

I've done many different jobs and I've taken aspects of all the things I love to do and created a business out of them. I taught myself photography and have been doing travel photography for 20+ years, I love technology and gadgets, I love design and typography and I was naturally in the right place at the right time when these industries came together. Or at least, I was able to piece together things I really enjoyed and create a business out of them. When you are good at doing something and really enjoy it, you can share your passion with others to help them with your skills. I still never feel as though I actually go to 'work', it feels more like just doing something you really enjoy everyday. I don't really work to defined hours either as my mind is always 'on'. I've always got ideas coming through and I love working with the team that I've surrounded myself with, which is growing all of the time. Their energy is infectious when we brainstorm together our collective thinking expands exponentially. This is also when our passion for what we do expands as we are working with like minded individuals. We increase our skill set, we challenge each other to learn more and go further. We evolve and have the opportunity to be far greater together.

An aspect I love and enjoy is connecting with our clients who are also very passionate about their businesses.

We are then able to collaborate together as a team, clients and ourselves to do great work together. Everyone is creative, everybody contributes, everybody gets a chance to shine. It's quite interesting because there are good debates, we don't always agree on everything during the design process but it's that healthy debating and discussion which creates beautiful work as an end result - It is important to question and challenge the status quo with curiosity always. It really pushes the boundaries of where technology and design merge with a good dose of practicality, logic and sound business sense.

It's especially important to see from the work that we do the results that come back in as well so it's not just loving the design aspect it's also loving the fact that what we are doing has a tangible and successful result.

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