Trust Within Business

Trust is an important aspect of choosing people to work with. This is an area that is very important and critical to us.

This is an important success ingredient and especially important within business to business relationships. I've had many interesting experiences working with large and small companies and the success of the project always comes back to some key areas. It always starts at the top and flows down to how that company is managed, what the culture of that company is, the collective attitudes of all key players, the environment that the work is done in and the focus and clarity on the vision they are setting out to achieve.

All of this can have an impact on whether the work is going to be reliable, consistent, efficient and come out on budget. There's going to be different factors. I also know from personal experience, when you start a business up, it only becomes apparent after many years of really understanding the environment, the business, your products, the market, where consumers and technology are moving to, that you can truly develop a system that works. This also needs to be an evolving organic learning system too, that can grow, keep evolving, changing with technology and the market and be able to provide better and better results.

In the web design industry, every second person is a web designer even my son who is now 13, hands in assignments at school in web format. They are teaching it in school now, so there is no shortage of web developers out there.

So when it comes to which company are you going to trust when it comes to building your website – how important is that website to you and your business?

  • Is it just a website or is it one of your main marketing tools that is going to grow your business and increase your visibility?
  • Is it going to accurately communicate who you are as a company?
  • What your values are?
  • What your products and services are?
  • How well are you going to engage with your customers out in the marketplace through your website?
  • Will you stand out above your competitors or the OTA's?

When you are well established in a niche market, you can be of huge value to other businesses

We have 17 years of web design experience, I personally have 26 years of advertising and marketing experience. Our collective creative team skills offer multiple eyes, minds and energy working on every project through a custom designed system to ensure we get our best results for the benefit of our clients.

  • We work in a very collaborative team environment.
  • We have many well-defined and continually upgraded systems that we all work too.
  • There is support, trust and care amongst ourselves.
  • We are all helping each other on every project so that there is a lot of collaboration.

We have a detailed and yet simple system that we work to with our clients. Because technology can be a little bit complicated and there is a lot of detail and technical things that come in, we do want to try and make the experience as easy as possible. Whether you know a little or a lot it shouldn't be a difficult process. Through our process we will also help educate and teach our clients so that they have a better understanding and learn a lot during the process.

My experience has seen some agencies make things so complicated so they say 'just pay us lots of money and we'll take all the headache away from you.' Whereas I find it more empowering to share our knowledge so our clients have an understanding of what we are doing because they too are part of our team when we are working on a project. We all want to be on the same page, we all want to have awareness and an idea of what, why and how we are going about the job.

That is why for me it's really important about building trusting relationships both in our work environment and especially with our clients. More importantly, that trust is an energy that is conveyed and expressed and comes back through your website to your customers. So that is going to be the ultimate result and be the true testimony of finding the right company to help you develop your website. It is like great food, it is made with love and tastes that much better, we as humans have incredibly accute senses and pick up on a lot of subtle detail subconsciously.

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