Basics - CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

Customers are visitors that have some interaction with your site. These customers include visitors that have submitted web forms, made a purchase or subscribed to a secure zone.

Customers are either individual contacts or company records. These customers can be manually added by a site administrator.


From here you can search for your Customers, Cases (every web form notification you receive will have a case number on it) and Orders.



This is where you can view all your customers. You can add contacts, add Companies and Import contacts. You can click into each customer and view how they contacted you, their order history and more.

By clicking on Filters, you can select how far back you would like to see your customer list.



From here you can see all your orders. You can click into each one (by clicking on view) to see the details from where you can print your orders, email them and more.


A Case is a record of a customer’s interaction with your business. A Case can be created manually or automatically. Cases would be created manually by the sales or customer service representative, when the customer calls on the phone or contacts your business directly in person, via the phone or via email.

Cases are created automatically when a web form is submitted on your web site. The custom fields on that web form are also captured in the resulting Case Record. Most cases in the system will be created via web form submissions.

It’s important that a case is created each time a customer interacts with your business. This enables you to keep a history of all interactions with the customer and refer to them at anytime in the future.

To add a case manually, click on the Cases link in the Relates box of the customer record. Click New Case. You can enter the relevant details as necessary. You can choose a workflow for your case. Once you have saved your case you can initiate the workflow and notify the relevant people who are responsible for completing the relevant tasks associated with the case.

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