Basics - Uploading with File Manager

File Manager enables you to upload files to the site.

  1. To access the File Manager, click the 'File Manager' link from the 'Site Manager' panel.

  2. To upload a file, click the 'Upload File(s)' button at the top of the interface that appears and select the folder to upload to.

  3. In the Upload dialog box, click the 'Select' button, and then browse to select the file you want to upload. Click 'Open' and the file's name will be displayed in the field.

  4. If you'd like to upload more than two files, click the 'Add' button to create more fields, and browse to select the files.

  5. When you have finished selecting the files to be uploaded, click 'Upload'.

  6. The page refreshes and the files you've just uploaded are listed. You can now link to the files from within your site.