Pebble Mailer eTriggers

If you need to update your email e-Triggers, login to your Pebble Mailer account -

  • Click on Lists & Subscribers.
  • To the right of where is says eTrigger Bookings (DO NOT DELETE) click on the ‘view’ link next to 3
  • From this page you will be able to see your 3 main eTriggers.
  • To update them click on the one you want to edit > click on the ‘Edit’ link (underneath the name of the eTrigger) > click on the green ‘Next’ button > on the next page leave the selected template as is and click on the green ‘Next’ button.
  • To update your Cancellation eTrigger click on Lists & Subscribers, click on the ‘view’ next to the Cancellation eTrigger and edit as above.
  • From this page you can update your email eTrigger. For information about editing in Pebble Mailer see
  • Note: it is very important that you do not edit any of the Booking confirmation text ie Booking Reference #: [BookingReference#] Arrival Date: [Check-inDate] Departure Date: [Check-outDate] If this is changed the data will not be pulled through.

Please edit at your own risk. There is no rollback option with eTriggers. If you delete it there is no way to recover it. If you don't feel confident updating your eTriggers please contact us to do it for you.