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Key benefits of a new website

There are 5 key benefits to investing in the growth of your business

1. Take Advantage of Available Statistics

Google Analytics provides us with greater insights than ever before on who, how, what and how many heads in beds we are achieving online. Web browsing habits are changing, particularly in the travel space. Your prospective guests’ social media research, keyword research and device mapping all attribute to who we are now targeting. From this valuable information and data from your existing website, we can identify what works well – which pages rank higher, get the most traffic and deliver the most conversions. We can then retain and build on this information in your new website redesign.

2. Improve Navigation / Structure

If you are not happy with your existing site, then this is your opportunity to re-structure or to make sure your information architecture is set up for optimal visibility and conversions. A clear and user-friendly navigation will give your visitors a great experience as well as ensure the search engine “spiders” can easily navigate through the site and index and rank your pages accordingly.

3. Cross Device = Greater Reach and Audience

A large proportion of searches for hotels are done on mobile devices so this has to be a consideration. Whether you go responsive, adaptive, mobile site or smart phone apps will ultimately depend on your site’s complexity, time frame and budget.

4. Fresh Content

The quality, visibility and relevance of your content will be one of the most influential factors in determining the success or failure of your new site. Creativity and individuality in this area always seem to be overlooked. Your content (and images) need to be compelling, fresh and engaging, with the right amount of text on the page for search engines to love it! Also, under the banner of content you need to ensure that there will be a blog integrated into the overall website design. Considering your content before you finalise the site design will make it far more functional, profitable and effective.

5. Invigorate SEO Elements

Redirects -301 & Canonicals: It is important to inventory all pages, incoming links, and pages that rank well from the very beginning. As the URL structure is changed, a redirect strategy will be incredibly important to retain any SEO rankings and rerouting referral traffic to the new pages/URLs. A 301 redirect tells the search engines that your pages have moved; without 301 redirects a search engine will think you have deleted your high value pages and created entirely new pages, thus potentially losing valuable accumulated link and page value.

  • Navigation: How easily your site can be navigated, by both human visitors and search engine spiders, will have a significant effect on the visibility and conversion success of your new website. Having found the site, can users then navigate through it easily?
  • SEO – technical: This now involves more than 200 factors as per our previous Google article; a great opportunity to invigorate your entire website SEO.
  • Page load time: Your redesign should be seen as an opportunity to speed up your site, not slow it down. Users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less! Search engines now include page load speed as a ranking factor.
  • Coding: Spring clean and update to the very latest and cleanest code so spiders can easily read it. This is also considered important for SEO ranking.

There are many benefits to building a fresh new website in the next 12 months. With the above information in mind we can ensure that you end up with a fully functional, search engine-friendly website that your users will come back to time and time again… and a site that will drive revenue growth for years to come.

If you have any concerns regarding your current website or feel it is time to consider a new solution, give us a call to have a chat.

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