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Top 5 Challenges Hotels Face

Challenge #1: Not Optimised Website

It is not adequate for a hotel to just have a website and expect to get direct bookings. The playing field has changed quickly with technology and the competition is getting stronger across many different channels. We still see sites without a proper promotions page, too many exit links to other sites, not optimised for all devices (responsive), not rewarding guests booking on their website, or not promoting their unique points of difference. Having a defined 12 month online marketing strategy can make all the difference and ensure you get the most out of your website investment.

Challenge #2: Dismissing Online Reputation

Nowadays, it is impossible to dismiss the overwhelming power and influence of social media. It is important to track what guests are saying online about your products and services and understand how guests are comparing you to your competitors. It is also important to ensure that you deliver and grow your guest testimonials through your own website and email engagement pre and post stay.

Challenge #3: Not Investing in People

It goes without saying that, being a service industry, the personal interactions with guests are still the most valuable, the most remembered and commented upon. On reading through many of our guests reviews, it is one of the points many people comment on – the service. With word-of-mouth also playing a big role in driving sales, true hospitality will certainly get mentioned in discussions between friends and family.

Challenge #4: Not Focusing on Costs

Selling these days is not just about revenue. Not every piece of business is worth it. It is better to value add than discount and it is important to continue to focus on your ideal guest profile to ensure you attract the right demographic. Attracting a lower cost one could alter the overall guest balance in the long run. There are many ways to promote special offers and the tone, language and design of your offers will make a huge difference to the response you get.

Challenge #5: No Proper Data and Analysis

It is increasingly important to have an intrinsic awareness of your data and to continue to focus energy and marketing budgets where you are achieving the most positive results. We are privileged to work with many dynamic owners and marketing agents and have witnessed first hand what works and what doesn’t. We love stats and creating results.

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