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Well designed and custom developed websites lead to more bookings

We believe that the holiday experience ‘starts online’ and we design and build our sites with this and the end user in mind. Imagine your online experience to that of the guest’s experience of first walking into your hotel…

The study, from agile software development specialists, Black Pepper Software, indicates that nearly two thirds (60%) of UK consumers now research and buy their holidays and breaks away online.

We at Pebble Design are constantly monitoring the speed of hotel websites and to be brutally honest, it is very poor. The vast majority of websites we review are very slow or in need of considerable work. This is hugely frustrating for web users when sites are glitchy and slow to load on any of their favourite devices.

We also see the vast majority of hotel websites being done on the same ‘standard templates’ which is a big cause of slow websites – poorly designed, overstuffed plug-in code, poor responsive of fluid transitions and most lack essential hotel functionality in the back end CMS for the hotel marketing team. These poor results are magnified when you take a cookie-cutter template and check the mobile performance.

Mobile design is of huge importance as we are fast approaching mobile-first indexing from Google mid 2018.

As we continue to see the travel planning process become increasingly complex, hoteliers need to find ways to engage their best potential guests across multiple touch points and across all devices. Today’s typical travel consumer visits an average of 18 websites via multiple devices across eight sessions before making a hotel booking (Google Research).

This journey results in serious competition for the travel consumer’s attention and has become increasingly dominated by mobile micro-moments and touch points.

Your website design to us is thus as important as the design of your interior of your rooms is to your guests. Just like crafting the perfect balance of comfort and functionality of their bedroom, we craft each page of your website for optimal viewing pleasure.

If it is time to take your website to the next level and want to work with leaders in hotel website design, we are keen to have a conversation

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