Beautiful Organic Food, Farm and Nature Experiences for Hotel Guests

The Beautiful Simplicity of Balancing and Nourishing our Well-being with Organic Food and Nature

There is real food and then there is REAL food! Real food that is grown in bio-dynamic alive soil, using sustainable farming practices and of course grown with love! Food that is rich with nutrients and rich with life and energy... the way it was intended! Craig, Chrissy and the Shambhala team are the people that nourish Noosa from farm to table. Their mantra is Grow, Nourish, Connect & they love to inspire through sustainable growing, real food & yoga.

Over 2 years ago we made the decision to buy food straight from the local farms, from Shambhala and it was one of the best decisions we've made when it comes to food.

In this interview with Craig, we dive into the simplicity of real wholesome food, the transformative process of connecting with nature, the joy of eating, how getting dirty is so good for your gut health, workshops and retreats at the farm, wellness trends and a real resurgence in health in the younger generation and greater demographic.

Of all days, a funny thing happened on this day interviewing Craig from Shambhala. Brendan and I officially became homeowners of property not far from Craig also called Shambhala. On this property, we are busily planning and creating a food forest of our own using permaculture principles and we're loving every moment of it so it was super exciting for me to be interview Craig who uses many of these principles on his farm.

In this interview you'll discover

  • How making the switch to biodynamic produce from Shambhala was one of the best things we did.
  • Coming back to simplicity and diversity in nature.
  • Shambhala farm and the sustainable food hub that delivers a diverse range of fruits and veggies from local organic farms. "We are all sharing and learning from each other."
    "It's always been based on health and wellness. Now we are doing tours, workshops, retreats, and bringing movement into the experience on the farm so people come out and stay or do a day or multi day retreat and get your hands in the dirt. That's been a really exciting addition"
  • In our amazing advancements as a species we are also loosing some of what is true and real.
  • Craig's story - from Sydney life to Farm life. "I thought I was going to retire - surf, I started experimenting with food, salads, juicing, green smoothies and I saw my kids wanting to eat their greens! The more we interact with nature, the more we feel connected to it and we want to invite that into our daily lives. It really lit the passion for me to want to explore that further at Shambhala farm. We've had hundreds of people come and stay and were transformed."
  • We take people on seed to food journey. "It's amazing how transformative that process can be for someones metal space." 

    "Deep down we really love to work hard. On one side as a human we are always looking for the easiest way, that's evolution. Then there is something else that when you connect with the awesome power of nature you feel it. It runs through you. It could be something as simple as making a green smoothy. As much as you could do that in a city if it's come out of your garden or a local farm you can connect with it more. Where ever you can, get involved in your food journey. It could just be going to your farmers market and meeting your farmer, maybe volunteer at a farm or get a garden. There are some simple ways to get an easy, low maintenance garden."
    "You only have to look at on a global scale how sickly we are today - cancer, obesity, diabetes... and all of these can be prevented by changing our food habits. That's not the only thing - it's about connecting with our food, connecting with nature and feeling gratitude."

  • "Food is providing us energy to walk, run, do, think but it is also recoding us. When we eat from a plant we are literally bringing that plants coding into us so we can eat and become what's come out of nature or we can eat and become what's come out of a laboratory.

  • "We are the unhealthiest we have ever been on a global scale, but we are also understanding so much more about food. Every time I go down that rabbit hole - 'this expert is telling me this and this expert is telling me that!' 'There are a million diets out there!' However no one is arguing the benefits of fresh real vegetables and fruit so if we can take more that into our diet then great. The rest of it, well, take that with a grain of salt."
  • Daily habits to get connected, to plugin and the foundation of wellness.
  • The resurgence in eating healthy and the younger generation and health.
  • The progressive wellness tourism industry.

Shambhala Farm workshops, retreats and online ordering

  • Seed to food workshops - create a thriving garden
  • Compost workshop - people learn how to make a 1 cubic metre of compost for home gardening.
  • Customised retreats - a little bit of planting, how to breath properly, yoga, green smoothies. We have half day, full day retreats where we bring in other practitioners. We have 3-4 hour retreats where we bring in chefs and we take produce from the farm  and learn how to cook Ayurvedically.
  • Customised corporate retreats - half or full day.
  • Christmas parties - food, yoga, champagne and wine by the fire at sunset.
  • Farm tours coming soon.
  • Chrissy, Craig's wife runs regular yoga classes at the farm.
  • Pre ordering boxes of gorgeous bio-dynamic, nutrient dense farm food from Shambhala on your holiday's to Noosa. You can get a box of veggies or a smoothy box, it's all customisable.

Gut bacteria, cleansing and the synergy between us and plants

  • Understanding our cravings - it's our gut bacteria that's the one in control!
  • How cleanses can help ease cravings and how our tastebuds change to crave vegetables.
  • The benefits of getting dirty and the chemical joy that can bring us. Tasting dirt!

    It doesn't hurt if there is dirt on your produce - it will cary the bio-organism into your gut which is so beneficial for us to have healthy lives. 

  • The synergy between us and plants - the intelligent plant communication that brings in the nutrients that it needs for us when we have put our saliva on seeds.
  • The joy of cooking... but keep it simple!

Quick Curious Questions

  • What are you loving learning about at the moment?
  • What does Shambhala mean to you? A beautiful response from Craig.
  • What makes you happy?
  • In the next 6 months, what is a challenge that you're up against but you're curious to unfold and discover and go for? Exciting answer!
  • Is there anything that you'd like to share that we haven't touched on?


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