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Is there value in having niche hotel industry website designers working on your next project?

If you have a business and already have a website (who doesn't these days?) you're probably thinking you should be making more money from your business online and you know what? You're probably right. We see this time and time again - many clients come to us and they are very unclear on the value they are achieving from the website that has been produced for them with other agencies.

Many successful and busy clients when they first find us, are generally a bit sceptical and hesitant to get burned by yet another 'web design company'. This is understandable, especially when we find out they have no Google stats or if they do, have no idea what all the numbers mean. Being experts in this field we take the time to help our clients understand some key business metrics, some 'benchmark' figures and help them understand to be able to see the value in their online marketing, where it is working and where it is not. They can measure the performance of their business, especially their online business through their website metrics.

Across all websites, especially in the hotel industry (I read many blog posts on this), people booking travel and holidays do a lot of research first online, but 50% of all people looking don't actually buy in the same visit. It's super important to increase the 'soft engagement' of your website. To be making sure you have some means of capturing who's on your website. Have a sales funnel or mechanism that are designed to nurture people that have visited your website and shown interest to be able to connect with them down the track. There are many different strategies up our sleeve to put this in action.

For us at Pebble Design it's really important that we do provide value for our customers with their website and ongoing online marketing. We're not going to just squeeze your data into a cheap template on wordpress, charge a small fortune and move onto the next client. We are all about questioning the status quo, telling beautiful stories, being curious, always learning, building long term relationships and educating our clients to achieve results ongoing through doing work we love.

we've got a wealth of expertise and knowledge to share and give to our clients, creating long term and ongoing value

Build your website properly from the beginning

For us we go through a full website build process (designed and built over many years) and put key functionality in place right in the beginning so that you are going to get long term growth and long term value out of your website, especially from a SEO (search engine optimisation) point of view. This is where so many people will get a cheap website done initially, then spend thousands of dollars on ongoing SEO trying to make that website effective.

Our theory and our belief is a website should be built properly right from the beginning. It still needs to be efficient and on budget but built effectively with a clear SEO strategy in mind. There is also a lot of additional value shared with our clients from our many years experience in the hotel industry and we do this through weekly insights, new technology, new SEO techniques, online strategies and different marketing campaigns that we have seen effectively used by other clients in the industry.

It's really critical from the results that you achieve to continually drive traffic and more visitors, drive revenue up and use the online marketing statistics to your advantage. These are key metrics that will give you a very clear definition on the amount of value that you will get out of your website. We like to be very transparent, we love our stats, we love achieving results and we go so far as to run yearly benchmark average reports across all our websites. Compare yourself against your historic data and compare yourself to other similar properties to know where to spend your precious marketing dollars wisely.

There is a lot of value to be gained from working with somebody like ourselves and we love clients who are very upfront about wanting to get value out of their website because then we know that you are serious about what you do and you will see how serious we are about what we do.

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