Spa and Wellness Hotel Web Design

Technology in a fast-paced modern world is constantly being upgraded with new discoveries and innovations. Why don’t we as humans upgrade our software as often? We believe how vitally important the role that wellness and healing hotels play in doing exactly this.

We’ve all experienced loved ones, colleagues and friends having been struck down by illness, cancer, heart attacks… and this is on the rise. Through our own personal experiences, exploration and experimentation in our own personal quest for optimal health, longevity, fitness, wellness and deeper connection to life, we are passionate in sharing the wellness message to as many millions of people as we can.

Our Business is focused on…

We have our feet firmly planted in the business world and are well established as one of the leading hotel web design agencies in the world and recognise our responsibility and obligation to spread information that inspires people to look after themselves better.

We naturally feel a strong urge to work with inspired individuals and organisations that are already successfully creating a space for people to do this in. We are web professionals and one of our driving passions is ensuring that everything we build communicates the essence of the organisation and tells the story beautifully for the guest experience to be life changing and rewarding as a result.

We are passionate about

On a personal level we approach life enthusiastically with an intention to thrive every single day. All too many people are just coping and surviving, not thriving.

With our own daily practices of enrichment we merge all aspects of our life from family, business, wellness, exercise and nutrition. Our 3 foundation pillars are devoted to self – development and awareness, health – fitness and nutrition and wealth – in building collaborative cultures and systems for success. We are avid followers, researches, learners of the most influential and powerful minds of our modern day times. From bio-hacking life on a scientific level, eating locally sourced organic foods, optimal gut health, daily practices of gratitude and mindfulness, the value of quality sleep and why this is such an epidemic in the world today, the effect our environment has on us, daily inclusion of essential oils, exercise, astrology, Ayurvedic body types, hormone levels to full DNA marker testing.

In today’s modern world it’s all too easy to get caught up in the business and distractions of life, media, politics and everyone else’s drama. We’ve forgotten about ourselves. Our fulfillment and happiness is directly impacted upon. We’ve lost touch with our most important needs. When we provide the opportunity and the space for people to connect back with themselves they are so grateful to you.

Wellness is now functional and integrated in every aspect of our lives

There are so many modalities, different levels of energy healing and enormous complexity of knowledge, information and inspiration to truly change people’s lives and offer them the ultimate wellness journey. We live in a world where knowledge and information is becoming focused in many areas of wellness.

There are emerging trends in weight loss and lifestyle nutrition, wellness & fitness, medical and detox, fasting and intermittent fasting, anti-ageing and biohacking the age paradigm, EMF and light effects, gut micro-biome, Mitochondria and our energy, sleep issues, stress management, bio-feedback, everyday toxins, topical treatments, travel hacking, immune-boosting, upgraded brain performance, hormone and blood work, superfoods, super herbs and high performance nutrition, good quality fats, Paleo, Vegan, Ayurvedic, grass feed and pasteurised foods, animal flow, primal movement and crossfit, Tabata and high intensity interval training, neurofeedback, the art of happiness, natural remedies, cryotherapy, hypobaric oxygen therapy, addiction, meditation, fatigue, why food matters, the human diet, essential oils and micro-nutrients, awareness, consciousness engineering, cognitive enhancement, yoga, pilates, chi gong, breath and movement, holistic and energy healing, parasympathetic nervous system, peak performance, hot spring and mineral therapy, healthy families, eco-friendly and sustainable living… just to mention a few.

We live in very exciting times and we’re only just touching on the tip of the iceberg of the future of consumer needs in the health and wellness space.

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