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Next level guest well-being

The hotel guest well-being opportunity

Wellness is now a $3.7 trillion industry with wellness tourism contribution to $536 billion of the total value according to the Global Wellness Institute. This noticeable change in hospitality has forced operators to rethink their business strategies with wellness in mind. The big chains like Six Senses, IHG, Hilton, Accor and Rocco Fort have been constantly evolving and adapting wellness within their hotels for years to meet the growing consumer demand.

The hotel guest well-being opportunity

Wellness influences all the factors we consider when designing our properties and the services we offer.

Christopher J. Nassetta - President & CEO, Hilton

Wellness is not just a trend. There has been a collective shift in consciousness towards things that give us the ability to live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Rohit Verma, Executive Director, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures

Today, we’re seeing more than ever before that travelers are embracing wellness in every aspect of their lives. They work hard to maintain their fitness regimens and healthy eating habits even when they’re traveling, and they want us to help them succeed in this.

Christopher J. Nassetta - President & CEO, Hilton

Join in the guest well-being conversation Join in the guest well-being conversation

Join in the guest well-being conversation

A necessary part of business, is constant innovation and adjusting to the market needs. The wellbeing of our guests in hospitality is always of paramount importance, the essence of being of service.

Science and technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate and the general awareness and consciousness of people is rapidly raising their expectations of corporations and the products they choose to buy.

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Join us on a journey of exploration in a range of different modalities, services, products and experiences that can potentially bring business growth and higher levels of customer loyalty into your hotel to enhance your guests wellbeing.

Thank you for joining us in this greater guest well-being conversation. If you would like to contribute on what you believe is really making an impact in this space, we’d love to hear from you or call us on +61 7 5446 4368.

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There's a new opportunity to connect with your guests There's a new opportunity to connect with your guests

There’s a new opportunity to connect with your guests

The simple introduction of a half dozen ‘guest well-being’ services provides the opportunity to market (and "tell your story”) to a much greater audience. You can also build existing guest loyalty with a range of new personalised, in-room/hotel experiences which the market is already looking for.

Contact us if you’re looking for new opportunities and conversations to have with your audience (guests).
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There's a new opportunity to connect with your guests There's a new opportunity to connect with your guests

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Here are 5 easy guest well-being experiences you can introduce into your hotel

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Hotel guest well-being consultancy

If you’re curious and want to learn how you can have greater impact on the well-being of your guests, contact us for a one hour complimentary obligation free consultation.

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A personal online guest well-being portal

Help guests relax with meditation, mindfulness practices, yoga, qigong and sleep suggestions. Energise them with more intense workouts, executive bio-hacks and local activities. Inspire them with wellness insights. Share hotel wellness experiences and spaces. Encourage and educate guests on the the nutritious food and drink you offer.

The best way to build long term loyalty and influence is to ensure your guests leave feeling that their lives have been enhanced and enriched by staying with you.
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A personal online guest well-being portal
A personal online guest well-being portal

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