Don't say "book direct"

By Brendan Veary (Director Pebble Design filmed at REI Master/EzyRez offices)

Brendan has been working in marketing for 27 years and digital marketing for 18 years. Pebble Design specialises in a niche market by working with innovative hotel and accommodation brands of all shapes and sizes. We believe choosing a hotel or holiday should be inspiring, easy and quick.

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We believe in the importance of making our clients happy every day. They naturally pass the good vibes onto their guests, creating an ever abundant flow of happy moments. We help create more happy moments for thousands of people.

Working closely with many hotels worldwide, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise into the inner workings of online hospitality marketing. We are super focused on the results we achieve for our clients and we are always eager to share our insights to help others succeed in their businesses.

The above workshop was held at the REI Master/EzyRez offices for those who could attend. We realise not everyone could attend and especially clients from the far corners of Australia and made a recording to offer everyone access to this information.

The best part about using YouTube is that you can speed up the video, it still makes perfect sense, and you can watch in half the time or listen while driving in the car to work.

This workshop looks at how to show direct bookers how valuable they are by giving them reasons to stay on your website and not searching elsewhere for cheaper rates.

I break this down into the 9.5 reasons why people don't book direct.

Finally, I delve into 10 actions to boost your business and generate more direct bookings.

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