Get Your Google Ducks in a Row

We are noticing more and more fragmentation of hotel property data as Google continues to grow their suite of products, connecting the world in ways we never dreamed of.
Who would have thought we would wear glasses that project information directly onto our retina? Google did, with Google Glass.

Get Your Google Ducks in a Row

Google+ (Plus)

Googles Social Tool and Google Reviews

Recent data shows that Google+ has leap-frogged YouTube and Twitter as the second largest social network. As Facebook, the largest social network, provides little SEO, Google+ on the other hand, is now a recognised medium to use for improved SEO and better organic rankings. The opportunity with Google+ is the ability to share content and articles which are keyword rich and very targeted around your business. For businesses, Google+ helps attract new customers and build deeper relationships with current ones, by making it easier to connect to more than a billion people who search on Google every day and by making all the marketing you do with Google even better. More than 170 million people are using Google+ to connect with the friends, family and businesses they love.

Google Reviews is also linked to Google+ and to build up guest views on Google is now more important than ever with the establishment of Google Hotel Finder.

Google Places (Also Called Google+ Local)

Business Listing

Google Places (also called Google+ Local) is the information that a search engine receives and uses when listing your business. A search engine will probably already have your business listed in results, but your Google Places page allows you to control what information Google has and presents to searchers. You can fill in your Places page with information like a description, images, hours of operation, and contact information. The more inviting your Google Places account the more users will click through to see more. When connected to your Google+ account, Google+ posts will appear on your Google Places listing. Google have also recently updated Places and now longer descriptions and even more photos can be added.

    YouTube (Owned by Google)

  • With YouTube now the world's second largest search engine and the number of YouTube video views per day at 4 billion, it's time to get on YouTube if you not already on there.
  • Video offers an emotionally engaging opportunity to promote special offers and unique features. It is also a great tool for SEO and sharing video content socially. All video files can be uploaded to your YouTube account and streamed directly into the website.
  • Video Ideas
  • Videos can be created from still images and can combine emotive statements and background music.
  • Time-lapse video really stands out and emotionally engages with people and provides a great tool for SEO and sharing video content socially. Imagine sunrise from one of the top balconies...

Google Adwords

Search Engine Marketing

Show up wherever customers are looking for you online — computers, tablets or mobile devices. This is highly effective and targeted marketing - target people within a certain kilometre radius, city, state or even country on search terms that convert.

The return on investment is completely transparent, making this one of the most effective ways to quantify your advertising spend. This is achieved through complete tracking and analytics reports. It is guaranteed to drive more visitors to your website, and will provide deeper insights into who, what and when people purchase. We recommend a minimum of a 3 to 6 month campaign in order to create a good 'quality score' and gain the maximum CTR (click through rate) and establish a profitable ROI.

The Google network now reaches over 80% of internet users in Australia and New Zealand. Using Google Adwords is still one of the most targeted and value for money, qualified lead generators currently available. We would suggest running campaigns in your mid season prior to a busy season to increase enquiry and occupancy in these lower periods.

Another reason not to exclude Google Adwords in your marketing strategy, is the fact that affiliate hotel portals like,,,, all spend heavily on Adwords, targeting your brand words, poaching direct bookings from you and charging you the commission fees. By running your own campaign you can minimise some of the poaching and save on paying some of the commissions and get higher yield direct bookings.

Google Hotel Finder

Google Hotel Finder has already been rolled out in Australia, early stages, and eventually will gain momentum with consumers over the next few years. It has been up and running for 3 years in the United States and functions well through Europe. It is therefore important to be aware and plan this into your online marketing strategy over the next year. By getting your Google products updated, Google will reward you with better results, not only in their search engine, but also in Google Hotel Finder.

What is Google Hotel Finder?

Google Hotel Finder is aimed at the very lucrative and rapidly growing travel market. Google have paid particular attention to it being used through mobile platforms and delivering key information fast. By combining the data resources they already have, they can deliver rates, lists of hotels, star rating, location, images and reviews. You can then filter by rate, hotel class and user rating score and then easily click through to see more details about the hotel and book online. Google Hotel Finder Promoted Ads

Google Hotel Finder has what's called 'Promoted Ads' similar to Google Adwords. Online travel agencies and hotels bid for the ads and pay for them on a cost-per-click basis, similar to Adwords. With Promoted Hotels, one or two ad units, labelled as such, appear above organic search results in Google Hotel Finder. Whoever pays the most gets highlighted.

Google Street View Video

Google Maps with Street View lets you explore places in real life around the world through 360-degree, panoramic, and street-level imagery. Google offers businesses the opportunity to take street view into your hotel. After a Google trusted photographer has photographed your hotel, guests can virtually walk in online to see the interior and explore your hotel. For more information visit

Summary - The keys to improving your hotel presence on Google, Google search results and Hotel Finder

  • Keep your Google Places (also called Google+ Local) account up to date with helpful information and great imagery.
  • Keep your Google Plus account up to date with great imagery, information and regular updates on your Google Plus page.
  • Google Reviews are becoming increasingly important for Google Hotel Finder, so make sure you direct guests to your Google+ account to add reviews. Add videos to your YouTube account.
  • Be first on the list of hotels with Google Hotel Finder Promoted Ads

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